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Why become a donor?

Each year an average of 2500 people on Aruba need a blood transfusion.
Blood transfusions (or transfusion of blood components) are necessary among other for:

New Donor’s

A donor must be between 18 and 65 years old and becomes a donor on a voluntary basis. The screening for potential donors occurs in 3 phases:




When can I not become a blood donor?

Who We Are - Stichting Bloedbank Aruba

Who we are

On July 1st 2023, the foundation called "Stichting Bloedbank Aruba" (Blood Bank) was legally merged with "Stichting Ziekenverpleging Aruba" (SZA-Horacio Oduber Hospital). This means that Bloedbank is now part of team HOH as a department within Horacio Oduber Hospital. Bloedbank is responsable for a safe and efficient supply of blood on Aruba on a non-commercial basis. The initiative to start a blood bank on Aruba came from the previous director and surgeon of our hospital dr. Frans Hage. He saw the necessity to gather all transfusion activities in a sole organisation and established Bloedbank in the year 1981 as a foundation.

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Who We Are - Stichting Bloedbank Aruba

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